ISO IEC 20000

Alison_InformationTechnologyManagementISO IEC 20000-1 is an IT service management standard. The official name of this standard is ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011. Information technology – Service management – Part 1: Service management system requirements. ISO IEC 20000-1 can be used by any information technology service provider to show that it is capable of meeting its customers’ unique service requirements. Meeting the requirments of this standard demonstrates that the IT service provider  is capable of designing, delivering, and improving its services.

A Information Technology Services Management System is a set of interrelated or interacting elements that service providers use to direct and control their service management activities. These elements include all of the policies, objectives, processes, procedures, documents, and resources that service providers  need in order to direct and control how services are planned, designed, implemented, deployed, delivered, monitored,  measured, reviewed, maintained, and improved.


  • It helps you align your information technology services to your business strategy.
  • It is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. Which is a fundamental shift from ad-hoc processes to the managed processes.
  • It helps you with identification and mitigation risks and thus saving costs.
  • It creates a formal framework for roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities at all levels, establishing, implementing and monitoring of organization process assets and continual improvement.
  • With the help of this standard you can create a benchmark for comparison with the industry best practices.
  • Implementing and certifying to this standard will help your organization to build competitive advantage thru the deployment of consistent and cost-effective services thus contributing to your bottom line and reputation.


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